I make most of my talk slides publicly available, if possible. Slides with the symbol can be downloaded directly, those with the symbol may require credentials of the respective collaboration. The rest doesn’t have slides, likely because they were a blackboard talks.


  • Galaxies, roof tops, and cocktail parties
    KICP Lunch seminar in Chicago, IL on 17.10.2017
    HEP Lunch seminar at Argonne National Lab on 19.10.2017 (invited)
    Thunch seminar in Princeton, NJ on 14.12.2017
    ITA cosmology group seminar in Heidelberg, Germany on 19.12.2017 (invited)
  • A multi-band, multi-resolution deblender for LSST (& others)
    LSST Project & Community workshop in Tucson, AZ on 15.07.2017
  • A multi-band deblender for LSST and WFIRST
    Astronomy in the 2020s: Synergies with WFIRST Workshop at STScI in Baltimore, MD on 26.06.2017
  • Visualizing data
    USRP seminar in Princeton, NJ on 20.06.2017
  • Dark Energy Survey - Status, Science, and Algorithmic Advancements
    LSST school & workshop in Lyon, France on 14.06.2017 (invited)
  • Efficient multi-band deblending
    LSST school & workshop in Lyon, France on 13.06.2017 (invited)
  • Gaussian Mixture Models for Astronomy
    Science with HSC meeting in Princeton, NJ on 20.04.2017
  • A Cosmic Census - and the means to do it right
    Physics Colloquium in Stony Brook, NY on 28.02.2017 (invited)
    Astroparticle Seminar at Fermilab on 08.05.2017 (invited)
    HEP Division Seminar at Argonne National Lab on 10.05.2017 (invited)


  • Systematic limitations for weak-lensing in Stage III (and beyond)
    Science with HSC meeting in Princeton, NJ on 20.10.2016
  • Joint pixel-level processing of WFIRST & LSST
    WFIRST-LSST meeting in Pasadena, CA on 13.09.2016
  • Visualizing data
    USRP seminar in Princeton, NJ on 23.06.2016
    Cross-correlation Spectacular meeting in Stony Brook, NY on 25.05.2016 (invited)
  • Weak-lensing calibration of redMaPPer clusters
    DES collaboration meeting at SLAC in Menlo Park, CA on 09.05.2016
  • Photometric (redshift) measurements in LSST
    LSST photo-z workshop in Pittsburgh, PA on 05.04.2016 (invited)
  • WFIRST & LSST joint processing
    WFIRST Preparatory Science meeting in Pasadena, CA on 03.03.2016
  • The ugly truth about cluster lensing
    Science with HSC meeting in Princeton, NJ on 21.01.2016


  • Boost factors from Balrog
    DES collaboration meeting in Madrid, Spain on 07.10.2015
  • Having fun with large surveys
    Astrophysic Seminar at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA on 14.07.2015 (invited)
  • The appeal and chore of wide-field surveys
    JPL Science Colloquium in Pasadena, CA on 09.07.2015
  • Finding filaments, and walls, and voids
    DES collaboration meeting in Ann Arbor, MI on 13.05.2015
  • The Dark Energy Survey — status and science results
    Cosmology on the slopes meeting in Aspen, CO on 10.03.2015



  • Lensing as it should be
    DES collaboration meeting in Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain, on 30.09.2013
  • From kpc to Mpc with consistent weak and strong lensing
    CLASH meeting in London, England, on 16.09.2013
  • Can we do lensing with DECam?
    CCAPP post-doc summer seminar series in Columbus, OH, on 23.07.2013
  • The BIGGER picture - Mass & light maps of massive galaxy clusters from early DECam data
    SnowCluster 2013 conference in Snowbird, UT, on 27.03.2013
    Cluster lensing workshop at STScI in Baltimore, MD on 17.04.2013



  • From images to shears to cluster masses
    OSU Astronomy Colloquium in Columbus, OH, on 03.11.2011
  • The OSU shear codes for GREAT10
    Final GREAT10 meeting in Pasadena, CA, on 28.09.2011
  • How pixel noise affects weak-lensing measurements
    DES collaboration meeting in Portsmouth, England on 30.06.11
    Royal Observatory in Edinburgh, Scotland, on 06.07.2011 (invited)
  • WFC3/IR PSF and its variations
    CLASH meeting in Baltimore, MD, on 06.05.2011
  • Why large shears matter
    CCAPP Symposium 2011 in Columbus, OH, on 06.04.2011


  • Cluster lensing with DEIMOS
    DUEL workshop in Sorrento, Italy on 28.10.2010 CLASH meeting in Granada, Spain on 21.09.2010
  • Weak lensing with DEIMOS
    “Lensing in Heidelberg” seminar on 07.07.2010
  • The Standard Template Libary & boost
    ITA cosmology group seminar on 10.06.2010 (example codes from the talk)
  • Measuring gravitational lenses
    CCAPP seminar in Columbus, OH, on 15.05.2010 (invited)
  • Scientific Software Engineering
    ITA cosmology group seminar on 15.04.2010 and on 09.11.2006


    ITA cosmology group seminar on 15.10.2009
  • When shapelets fail and when they prevail
    GREAT08 final workshop in Ascona, Switzerland on 30.07.2009
    Leiden Observatory on 14.09.2009
    “Application of Light deflection” seminar at ARI on 17.11.2009
  • When shapelets fail - Limitations for shapelet-based weak-lensing measurements
    SPP 1177 meeting in Bad Honnef on 21.05.2009 (invited)
    “Lensing in Heidelberg” seminar on 10.06.2009
  • Kriging the PSF variation
    Applications of Machine Learning in Astronomy on 15.04.2009



2006 and before

  • Shapelet procedures
    ITA cosmology group seminar on 01.06.2006
  • Shapelets and Gravitational Flexion
    ARI lensing seminar on 02.02.2006
  • Discovery of the Cosmic Microwave Background
    ITA cosmology group seminar on 18.11.2004
  • Comparison of shower models for a hadronic calorimeter prototype with Geant4
    Final talk session of the International DESY Summer Student Program on 06.09.2004
  • Neutronensterne und Weisse Zwerge
    Seminar of the Statistical Mechanics lecture on 16.01.2004